Hellions Picked up by IFC Midnight

Our friends at Bloody-Disgusting report on the newest acquisition by IFC Midnight.


It’s a Twitter Party

Twitter’s @Hollywood spoke to us last week – see what we had to say in these streaming videos!

Bruce McDonald wants to make surreal, dark “Yummy Fur” movie

Bruce McDonald proud of his throwback horror film

Bruce McDonald on working with Robert Patrick and different interpretations of the Hellions script

Chloe Rose breaks down just how scary Hellions is, then talks about her dragons & fire powers

Are you excited to see Hellions hit more screens?


What did people have to say about Hellions in the wake of the Sundance Festival? Read all about it!

“Bruce’s refusal to stop taking chances is as ardent as ever. For my money, the results are fascinating,” says Zach Gayne from twitchfilm.com. Read his interview with Bruce McDonald, Chloe Rose, and Robert Patrick!

Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick, and Luke Bilyk also spoke with Keith Simonton from IMDb & AIV Studio – watch the interview on instant stream here!

“It’s enchanting. The look of McDonald’s film, unlike much anything else, takes the wheel from its comparatively simple setup and pushes Hellions into a dreamy ultra-style.” – Samuel Zimmerman, Shock til You Drop; full review here!