A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!! We are officially done!

We would like to THANK everybody whose hard work and dedication made this film possible, from development through production and finally post. We just completed the last bits of post work. Edited/scored/mixed/credits in. Done! Finished! Wrapped! — World, here we come!

Wish we had a photo of our amazing post-crew as well … next time …

Sundance Schedule Is Online

The festival schedule is live. We will be premiering HELLIONS at midnight on January 25, 2014, followed by more screenings:

Sunday, January 25 – midnight – Library Center Theatre, Park City
Tuesday, January 27 – noon – Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City
Wednesday, January 28 – midnight – Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Friday, January 30 – midnight – Broadway Centre Cinema 6, Salt Lake City

Can hardly wait!

Read article at sundance.org


chloe and robo

Via @rosechloe4 – our only slightly #creepy #robobaby on set of #hellionsmovie yesterday.

This was a ton of fun! We had a full-on animatronics baby on set today. Took two people to operate with remote controls. Baby could move, make facial expressions, and generally creep everybody out. Chloe playing with it between take became an expert operator.

Set Report From EPDAILY.TV

EP Daily, covering all the stuff you’re interested in, from movies to games to comics, came by for a visit back when we were still shooting. Their report just aired. Shaun Hatton talked to Bruce, Chloe, Robert and our writer, Pascal Trottier. Check out the headless dude, too!

Fangoria Came By For A Visit

Cheryl Singleton from Fango visited set today to talk to Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick and Bruce McDonald about what happens when the moon turns blood red on Halloween.

Read all about it on fangoria.com.